Dickensian Brewery LogoDickensian Brewery - Roden, Shropshire

From the cobbled streets and back-alleys of historic Shrewsbury, Jon and James are out and about artfully dodging the larger breweries and nimbly producing fine crafted real ales. These crafty little waifs are brewing scrumptious grog - you've got to pick a pint or two of their 'Ale of Two Cities' (as bitter as Scrooge), 'David Hopperfield' (hoppy little number), 'Martin Guzzlewit' (saucy little blond) and 'Great Fermentations' (wheaty Belgian beauty). We hope you'll sample some and exclaim 'please, Sir, can I have some more!'


Beers available in 500ml bottles or 9 pint mini kegs.


Dickensian - A Tale of Two cities.A Tale of Two Cities

At 3.8%, this red-haired beauty is a real goer! Thrice-hopped and as bitter as Scrooge, this tipple is complex but balanced and perfect for a long session. This rouge beauty will have you coming back for more!


Dickensian David Hopperfiled David Hopperfield

This pale 4-percenter is bursting with hoppy flavours and is keen to show you a good time. Clean as a whistle with a cracking good head this blonde is a really good looker! A fruity beauty that smells great and leaves you with a bit of a kick!


Dickensian Martyn GuzzlewitMartyn Guzzlewit

This blonde guzzler is delicately attractive and at 4.2% has a bit of muscle. Using American yeast with a low-colour malt for a light, crisp finish. You'll guzzle it with this blonde bit! There's no puzzle, it's a pint you'll guzzle!


Dickensian Great FermentationsGreat Fermentations

This buxom, Belgian beauty is a 4.6% wheat beer. It's a traditional cloudy Belgian recipe that's plump, sweet and deceptively strong. This cracking continental concoction will have you calling out "please Sir, can I have some more"!


Dickensian Nicholas Nickle BeerNicholas Nickle Beer

This Star Spangled Beer is an American Beauty! Hoptastic in flavour containing 'Citra' and 'Amarillo' hops this busty blonde contains a fruity punch! This beer is a popular head turner, it's a cheerleader of the pack!