Old Swan - Dudley, West Midlands

Old Swan Brewery LogoDudley, West Midlands Established in 1835, The present brewery and pub were built in 1863. Brewing continued until 1988 and restarted in 2001. Known locally as 'Ma Pardoe's' after the matriach who ruled the brewery 'tap' for years, this tradtional style brewery supplies mainly the pub, though we appear to have sole rights over the distribution in Wales. This is a truely enthusiast craft brewery. 


Old Swan Pardoe's OriginalOriginal (3.5% ABV)

Olde Swan Original is an example of an almost extinct type of mild, a light coloured mild. Its strength is 3.5% and is described as a straw coloured light mild, smooth but tangy, and sweetly refreshing with a faint hoppiness.

Available in 9g 


Old Swan Pardoe's Dark SwanDark Swan (4.2% ABV)

Smooth, sweet dark mild, with late roast malt in the finish.

Available in 9g 


Entire (4.4% ABV)

Old Swan Pardoe's EntireFaintly hoppy, amber premium bitter, with sweetness persistent throughout.

Available in 9g  


Bumblehole (5.2% ABV)

A strong, clean, full tasting, pale bitter with a delicate hop flavour and long lingering finish.

Available in 9g