New Breweries!!

We are adding new breweries on a regular basis.  We are continually forging  new relationships with many craft beer and cider producers and adding their products to our range. Ring us for details of ales and ciders available from new additions to our range.

Beers of the Month

Many brewers produce seasonal beers, which make a nice change for our customers. Wye Valley produce a monthly special. These sell out very fast. So, it is very important to get your order in fast. With that in mind, we will soon have a spot here for the monthly specials from wye valley. Oops! Already too late. It has arrived!!

Organic and Bottled Conditioned Cider

We pleased to announce the addition of a number of craft ciders to our range and  we hope to expand our range of ciders in the coming months.

Expanded Delivery Area

We have recently expanded our delivery area to include Swansea and the Mumbles and much of Powys. Delivery is dependant upon size and frequency of order. Please ring or email for more information.

More Seasonal Beers Coming Soon

We will have lists of seasonal beers from other breweries listed soon. Check this page for updates.

Wye Valley Beers Monthly Specials 2018

Wye Valley Monthly Specials